Hungry Bob Hungry Bob
Click on Bob power him up and make him jump for healthy foods strawberries and drinks avoid junkfood
Hungry Mario Hungry Mario
Guide Hungry Hungry Mario around eating all the coloured dots in the quickest time possible, jumping
Hunted Forever Hunted Forever
Run and find the way to headquarters! Upgrade at safe houses and avoid death.
Hybrid Fighter Hybrid Fighter
Classic shooter Space Invaders is revived in this hybrid version with more weapon upgrades and bonus
Hyper Drive X Hyper Drive X
Pass through the hoops as fast and accurately as possible. Boost yourself into hyperdrive.
Hyperrr Cat Hyperrr Cat
Blast the mice with your pistol!
Hyro Tanks Hyro Tanks
Move around the grid and kill the other tank in this one-on-one tank war game.
I Hate Spiders I Hate Spiders
Shoot the spiders as they travel down their webs.
Icy Slicy Icy Slicy
Help the silly frozen critters and their things escape from the ice in Icy Slicy.
Ignite People on Fire Ignite People on Fire
Ignite people on fire in three different modes. You probably have that burning sensation to play!
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones
Find the the lost treasure of Pharaoh, but watch out for the booby traps set to stop you.
Infect. Evolve. Repeat. Infect. Evolve. Repeat.
Infect red blood cells to spawn more viruses, evolve to spread faster, become immune and the most fe
Insect Hunter 2: Frozen Insect Hunter 2: Frozen
Slither around the area and eat up those nasty insects.
Insurgo Insurgo
Your goal in this awesome physics-based tower building game is to build the tallest, largest, and strongest structure possible. Don't let it collapse.
Integrated Defence Integrated Defence
Tower Defense game where you need to create a network of generators and cables to provide energy to your towers.
Interactive Buddy 2 Interactive Buddy 2
Push and drag the dummy around the screen, very addictive!
Invasion 2 Invasion 2
Build up your soldiers, archers and battering rams, upgrade them and destroy the castle.
Invasion 2196 Invasion 2196
Shoot the oncoming enemies. Has an astroids feel to it.
Inverse Inverse
Collect all the stars and avoid the spikes to complete each level. This game takes some inverse thinking!
Invisibility Invisibility
This is a really fun and entertaining game, where you have to guide the cursor to a block, past the
IQ Marathon IQ Marathon
Real IQ testing Game...
Iron Man Armed Justice Iron Man Armed Justice
Fly in the sky and fight evil drones and the Mandarin using Iron Mans powers.
Island Hop Island Hop
Help Gilligan get the gang off the island by lighting a signal fire before a passing ship missed them.
It's a Monster It's a Monster
Pick up kids and objects and throw them at enemies.
Jack's Bar Jack's Bar
You are working now on a bar, save your custemors :)
Jackhammer Rampage Jackhammer Rampage
This is an awesome game where you have to ride a jackhammer through a lawn and kill the bunnies. The
Jade Wolf Jade Wolf
Artistic platformer, that combines Sonic-the-Hedgehog style action with exploration.
Jakes House Jakes House
Venture trough your own house in search of terrorists, avoid the FBI and shoot down cops.
James Bomb James Bomb
Save yourself by your bombs!
James the Pirate Zebra James the Pirate Zebra
James the Zebra puts on an eye patch and a wooden leg in this fun platform adventure game.
Jautrais Darznieks Jautrais Darznieks
Help the Kunkell to collect the strawberies.
Jedi Duels Jedi Duels
Yoda, the Jedi master and Bob return to take on a pair of dark warriors.
Jet Boost Jet Boost
Collect boosters and super boosters in your Jet Boost Ship.
Jet Bunny Jet Bunny
Collect sweets to gain energy and fly higher to escape the rising water.
Jet Maze Jet Maze
Pilot your jet through a mid air maze. Don't get suckered into dead ends. Watch for sharp turns!
Jetbot Jetbot
Collect all the stars in a level and don't run out of fuel. There are 30 levels to keep you busy.
Jetpack Panda Jetpack Panda
Launch the panda from a slingshot and reach the maximum altitude and distance.
Jetstream Penguin Jetstream Penguin
Guide the launched penguin through the air and collect fish!
Jingle Balls Jingle Balls
Throw snowballs and whack innocent passers-by in humbug fashion.
Joe The Rocket Joe The Rocket
Help Joe, the rocket to escape from the renegade robots by maneuvering through a dangerous course!
John Carter Jump John Carter Jump
Leap great distances across rocks and aircraft as John Carter, the Disney movie character and earn points.
Juggler Juggler
Lots of levels, lots of variations, see how many balls your can juggle at one time.
Jump 'n' Glide Jump 'n' Glide
Collect all the baloons in number order as you avoid the bullets being shot at you. Jump and Glide t
Jump It Jump It
Keep you jump going by landing and bouncing on red squares.
Jump Mario 3 Jump Mario 3
Grab stars, jump on Goombas and avoid falling off the screen, by moving to higher platforms.
Jump my Love Jump my Love
Avoid the falling boxes and jump as high as possible, to reach your true love.
Jump N Bump Jump N Bump
Insanely addictive retro platform game. Avoid hazards and collect stars in order to bounce your way to victory. Use the arrow keys to move that little blob.
Jump The Gorge Jump The Gorge
Do some extreme snow boarding - slide down a hill and jump over ravines and land on targets.
Jump&Glide Jump&Glide
In this game you are a boy trying to glide through the air, but first you need to collect balloons.
Jumping Circle 3 Jumping Circle 3
Jump from platform to platform while shooting down enemies with your gun.
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