Stuurman Stuurman
Navigate a pirate ship through the dangerous sea and collect the floating loot.
Sub Bump Sub Bump
Navigate your sub through the ocean. Be sure not to bump into any objects that will damage your sub and avoide the icebergs
Sub Commander Sub Commander
Guide your submarine through the treacherous waters - avoiding the obstacles.
Sub-Atomic War Sub-Atomic War
Start as a humble helium atom and fight your way to the top of the periodic table!
Submarines Attack Submarines Attack
Drop bombs and explode the submarines.
Summoner Saga chapter 6 Summoner Saga chapter 6
Adventure game with RPG style battle, 6th chapter of Summoner Saga. Follow the story and prepare for battle. use your strategy to defeat enemies.
Sundews Fighting Sundews Fighting
Play as a carnivorous plant that stretches and gobbles flies. Avoid the bees and eat the green insects.
Super Angelo Super Angelo
Collect gold coins and avoid enemy dragons. This platform game plays like Super Mario.
Super Fighter Super Fighter
A great beat 'em up, its quite hard but its loads of fun!
Super Fighter 2 Super Fighter 2
A nice 1 on 1 fighting game.
Super Figther Super Figther
Test your martial arts skills in this Kung Fu classic.
Super Flash Mario Bros. Super Flash Mario Bros.
A flash remake of the original Super Mario Bros.
Super Frog Super Frog
Jump across moving platforms as super frog and reach the exit in minimum time.
Super Mario Bounce Super Mario Bounce
Mario bounces around! Grab the coins and reach the exit in a certain number of bounces.
Super Mario Brothers Flash Super Mario Brothers Flash
Great Mario game with a level editor! Go Super Mario Go!
Super Mario Defense Super Mario Defense
Stop the Mario Bros from invading your tower by building an array of defenses from Mario games characters.
Super Mario Flash 2 Super Mario Flash 2
Guide Mario through the mushroom kingdom yet again.
Super Mario Hardcore Super Mario Hardcore
Super Mario Hardcore.. a Mario game with a twist!
Super Mario Metal Slug Super Mario Metal Slug
Neat action game which mixes the popular metal slug game with super mario play.
Super Mario Save Toad Super Mario Save Toad
After saving Luigi from Bowser, Bowser ordered Wart to kidnap Toad. Play as Super Mario and help Toad escape.
Super Mario World Flash 2 Super Mario World Flash 2
A nice sequel to the original Super Mario Flash platform game.
Super MPCorp Land Super MPCorp Land
A game that resembles Super Mario. Rescue your friend Jbeu kidnapped by the evil creatures.
Super MPCorp Land 1 Super MPCorp Land 1
Rescue your friend who was kidnapped by the evil creatures. Make your way through the hills, the pla
Super Mutant Eating Fish Super Mutant Eating Fish
It's 2019 and super mutant eating fish have taken over the open seas. Guide yours through the radioactive waters.
Super Ninja Sack Attack Super Ninja Sack Attack
Collect power-ups while showing off your ninja skills.
Super Santa Kicker Super Santa Kicker
Kick Santa Claus into the chimney.
Super Smash X Super Smash X
The heroes Mario, Link, and Megaman are up against each other to test who is the greatest.
Super Stacker Super Stacker
Stack the shapes carefully and build a tower to the sky. Super stacker is a fun balancing game.
Super Stacker 2 Super Stacker 2
Stack the face shapes to the sky. Create your own stacks in super stacker 2.
Super Tank Super Tank
Adventure platform game where you drive a super tank and battle against large machinery with cool powers.
Super Walk Land Super Walk Land
The evil robot clones have stolen the globes music and are holding it ransom! Your mission is to help Aura to destroy the robots and return the music to the worlds people.
Survival Lab Survival Lab
Dodge bullets and mines in over 26 levels of difficulty, just to stay alive.
Survive N Risk Survive N Risk
Jump across platforms as a stickman, avoid enemies and survive as long as possible.
Sushi Cat Sushi Cat
Eat plenty of sushi to become a fat cat.
Sushi Cat 2 Sushi Cat 2
The fat cat is back! Drop him and fill his belly up with sushi fish.
Sushi Cat The Honeymoon Sushi Cat The Honeymoon
Eat lots of sushi to fill your cat belly and grow fat.
Swan Room Swan Room
Another copy of the point'n'click Crimson Room. Good luck if you don't speak Japanese!
Swinging Ball Swinging Ball
Swinging ball is a platform action game. You have to navigate your ball to the end of the level. Swinging Ball uses physics to make the game more interesting.
Swish Ball Swish Ball
Destroy the oncoming enemies while evading the attack balls.
Switch Switch
Nothing too difficult here, just switch between black and white balls
Sword Tournament Sword Tournament
Take part in the Sword Tournament and fight with many fierce opponents and finally defeat the evil w
Swordsman Swordsman
Kill as many ninja warriors as possible without dieing.
Sydney Shark Sydney Shark
The shark is swimming in Sydney, jumping out of the water and bumping boats, people and attacking aircraft.
Taberinos Taberinos
Eliminate all the lines and nodes by hitting them with the ball using minimal shots.
Take Flight 2 Take Flight 2
Fly an airplane as far as possible and avoid obstacles.
Talivan Launch Talivan Launch
Blow up the mobile camera van and launch it in the air. Have fun blowing up talivans!
Tank Trouble Tank Trouble
Fight inside against another tank inside a maze.
Tank Wars Tank Wars
Take out the other tank in this turn-based tank shooting game. Measure the velocity, direction and w
Tasty Planet Tasty Planet
Guide the goo gone bad and eat everything smaller in you path.
Tasty Planet Dino Time Tasty Planet Dino Time
Guide the grey goo to eat everything smaller than itself.
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