Aliens Hurry Home 2 Aliens Hurry Home 2
Use physics and guide the one-eyed alien to the space saucer.
Amigo Pancho Death Star Amigo Pancho Death Star
Guide Pancho to the exit by solving puzzles and avoiding objects that would pop the balloons.
Angry Birds Heroic Rescue Angry Birds Heroic Rescue
Launch the angry birds at the angry pigs and topple them.
Angry Chicks Angry Chicks
Launch angry chicks at the cats inside structures. Plays like angry birds.
Angry Robots Angry Robots
Plays like angry birds only harder. Shoot a slingshot and knock down robots.
Beaver Creek Beaver Creek
Plays like angry birds. Launch fish at the beavers inside wooden structures.
BlockBot BlockBot
Use physics, remove obstacles and guide the square headed robot to the exit.
BloxBox BloxBox
Guide the white square to the finish while you rearrange the levels themselves.
Brain Eaters Brain Eaters
Guide the brain eaters to the brains using physics.
Building Demolisher Building Demolisher
Completely demolish the structures on each level by using the limited number of demolition balls.
Cannon Basketball 2 Cannon Basketball 2
Shoot basketballs into the hoops using strategic shooting and physics while collecting all the stars.
Cannon Bird 4 Cannon Bird 4
Launch angry birds from a cannon and eliminate the alien cats using magnetic force.
Cat Around Asia Cat Around Asia
Use physics and roll the food to the cat.
Catopult Catopult
Launch the fat cat from a cannon and eat all of the food on each level.
Cover Orange Journey Space Cover Orange Journey Space
Drop objects and use physics in space to provide cover for orange.
CowaBoom CowaBoom
Jump the cow into the stack of red bulls and dynamite and blow them up.
Crash Boom Bang Crash Boom Bang
Use balls that crash, explode and bounce around to knock down the boxes.
Cry Panda Cry Cry Panda Cry
Shoot balls at the pandas sitting inside structures and topple them. Plays like angry birds.
Cyclop Physics Cyclop Physics
Guide the red and green cyclops to their matching colored platforms.
Feed Me Brains Humans Feed Me Brains Humans
Shoot aliens around obstacles and use physics to knock down the brains.
Flying Penguins Flying Penguins
Use physics and birds to lift the penguin out of the box and into the sky.
Fox n Roll Players Pack Fox n Roll Players Pack
Remove shapes in the proper order to help roll reach fox.
Gemollection Players Pack Gemollection Players Pack
Cut chains, use physics and guide the gems into the treasure chest.
Go Home Block Go Home Block
Use physics and explosions to guide the blue box to the exit.
Go Robots Go Robots
Guide the two robots to the portal exit using physics.
Hambo 2 Hambo 2
Clean up the city as Pork Chops Capone by shooting grenades at gangsters in different configurations.
Hell on Duty Hell on Duty
Use a cannon to shoot the smelly demons into the boiling water pot.
Hungry Shapes 3 Hungry Shapes 3
Solve puzzles and help the hungry shapes gobble up hamburgers.
Iced Boom Iced Boom
Remove ice blocks to release the penguin into the water, while grabbing all the stars.
Jumping Box 2 Jumping Box 2
Guide the blue box to the destination using physics.
Jumping Box Remake Jumping Box Remake
Guide the box to the red flag by solving puzzles and using physics.
Kaboomz 2 Kaboomz 2
Shoot a cannon around obstacles and use chain reactions to pop and release balloons.
Lazy Cat Lazy Cat
Overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and guide the lazy cat to the sun.
Leila and the Magic Ball Leila and the Magic Ball
Guide Leila, collect milk bottles and destroy towers using a magic ball.
Loony Box Loony Box
Remove the green blocks and guide the yellow loony face into the stone container.
Max Damage 3 Max Damage 3
Help Max shoot the cannon at expensive stuff in a warehouse and damage it.
Monster Must Die Level Pack Monster Must Die Level Pack
Solve physics puzzles and knock the sleeping monster off the platform.
Nightflies Nightflies
Remove wooden planks as a ladybug and use physics to expose the lanterns and attract the night flies.
Nightflies 2 Nightflies 2
Order the ladybug to remove obstacles in the way, so that the nightflies can reach the light bulb.
Ninja Cannon Ninja Cannon
Shoot exploding ninjas from a cannon and destroy the demons inside structures.
Orange Gravity Level Pack Orange Gravity Level Pack
Use the orange, gravity and physics to collect all the lemons on each level.
Out of Wind Out of Wind
Try to activate the windmills by connecting gears together.
Pack It Pack It
Cut chains and release balls into the matching colored boxes on each level
Pigs Will Fly Pigs Will Fly
Drag the pig to the rainbow potion bottle using the pink potion.
Pour the Fish Level Pack Pour the Fish Level Pack
Help the fish swallow water in his big mouth by cutting through dirt and releasing the water flow.
Roll and Eat Roll and Eat
Roll the fat penguin in different directions, eat all the fish and reach the portal exit.
Roll Me Roll Me
Rotate the cave and guide the purple one-eyed monster to the deadly exit.
Rolling Football Rolling Football
Roll the soccer ball into the goal using physics.
Rolling Football 2 Rolling Football 2
Rearrange guiding shapes and use physics to roll the soccer ball into the goal.
Rolling Ghosts Rolling Ghosts
Roll the ghostly shapes by using physics back into blobs.
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