Rolly Stone Age Mammoth Rescue Rolly Stone Age Mammoth Rescue
Remove stones to send the cave men to their deaths.
Shape Shifters Shape Shifters
Click on the orange shapes, transform them and use physics to remove the green shapes.
Sieged Sieged
Stop enemies from attacking your castle by dropping boxes on them.
Skeleton Launcher Skeleton Launcher
Launch a skeleton from a cannon around obstacles and crack the eggs.
Soul Shift Soul Shift
Roll all the balls off the screen by shifting green squares to red balls
Star Claws Star Claws
Guide and roll the cats into the aliens to eliminate them.
Steampunk Odyssey Steampunk Odyssey
Guide Abe Lincoln out of the dark mechanical city by creating pathways.
Stupid Jerks Stupid Jerks
Guide the stupid jerks off the screen by removing obstacles and using physics.
Sushi vs Blockies Sushi vs Blockies
Build structures out of shapes to cover the blockie and protect it from the bombarding sushi.
Swindler Swindler
Guide the green slime hanging from a bungee cord through a maze and grab the stars.
Unfreeze Me Unfreeze Me
Shoot water at the birds trapped in ice cubes and melt them to freedom.
Vampire Jackie Vampire Jackie
Solve puzzles, remove obstacles to permit vampire Jackie to fly to an escape.
Vampire Physics Vampire Physics
Transform humans into vampires by removing wood barriers and using physics.
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