12 Rooms No Escape 12 Rooms No Escape
Avoid the traps and pitfalls and reach the terminals that you must hack in order to open the level's exit door.
Acid Bunny Acid Bunny
Guide the bunny past his sibling that spew acid and collect carrots in this platform game.
Alien Bob Alien Bob
Alter gravity and guide Alien Bob to the spaceship.
Angry Birds Go Crazy Angry Birds Go Crazy
Collect eggs as an Angry Bird and use accumulated points to jump cross challenging platforms.
Aqua Boy Aqua Boy
Guide aqua boy as he swims and shoots enemies underwater.
Asleep Walking Asleep Walking
Walk in your sleep and use patience and proper timing to avoid deadly spikes.
Balls of Life Balls of Life
Avoid the spikes, pits and other threats as you guide the balls across the platforms.
Batman Jump 2 Batman Jump 2
Jump across platforms as Batman, collect batman logos and beat up cat woman, the penguin and other bad guys.
Between Between
Guide the ball to the flag in each level.
Blade Rush Blade Rush
Run and jump across platforms and kill the opposition.
Bread Duck Bread Duck
Guide the duck as it eats bread and save the Bagel Cats.
Cave Run Cave Run
Jump and run inside a crumbling cave, without falling and collect gold coins.
Collect Collect
Swing from a spider web and collect all the trinkets possible.
Cuboy Hot Pants Cuboy Hot Pants
Escape hot lava as Cuboy by jumping down platforms and avoiding burning blocks.
Cuboy Quest Cuboy Quest
Shoot the red targets in each level and then exit the platform.
ELGI Epic Runaway ELGI Epic Runaway
Jump and run across platforms, collect coins and avoid the dinosaur jaws.
Exit Path 2 Exit Path 2
Guide the green stickman past deadly saws and spikes.
Fanged Fun Fanged Fun
Guide green and red fanged faces to their platforms using physics.
Firebug 2 Firebug 2
Ignite all the platforms as firebug and collect all the jelly beans to exit each level.
Ghostly Me Ghostly Me
Run and jump across platforms as a small ghost and avoid demons.
Give Up Give Up
Try to jump from platform to platform. It isn't easy, but don't give up.
Greens Survive Greens Survive
Guide the greens to the exit door and kill the reds along the way.
Gum Drop Hop 3 Gum Drop Hop 3
Hop across platforms collecting gold coins as an orange gum drop.
Hungry Penguin Hungry Penguin
Guide the hungry baby penguin across platforms and avoid the hot peppers. The more the baby penguin eats, the higher the score.
I Broke Time I Broke Time
Help the professor fix time by collecting 24 clocks by progressing through platforms.
Ironman Riot of the Machines Ironman Riot of the Machines
Help Ironman defeat all the enemy machines in this fun platform game.
Mario Block Jump Mario Block Jump
Remove blocks so that Super Mario can reach Princess Peach.
Mario First Love Mario First Love
Help Super Mario find Princess Peach, his first love.
Master of Repetition Master of Repetition
Avoid obstacles, use repeating jump patterns and guide the small ball through levels.
Max Savior Max Savior
Help guide Max across platforms and rescue the girl
Momentum Momentum
Follow directions and jump across platforms while gaining momentum.
Money Movers Money Movers
Progress around platforms and collect and move all the bags of money.
Mr Runner 2 Mr Runner 2
Run, run and run across platforms as far as you can.
N Ninja 2 N Ninja 2
Run and jump as the ninja and collect golden cubes on each platform level.
Never Lose Rope Never Lose Rope
Collect stars with your rope and move across the platforms.
Oodlegobs Oodlegobs
Guide the Oodlegobs across platforms and past deadly traps
Paranormal Shark Activity Paranormal Shark Activity
Jump across floating platforms to escape from the monster shark.
Pharaohs Second Life Pharaohs Second Life
Help the pharaoh mummy escape the pyramid in this fun platform game.
Pick and Dig 3 Pick and Dig 3
Pick up coins on each level to open the entrance to the next level.
Pivot Pivot
Guide the white square across platforms, collect gold chests and rotate the screen as needed.
Rock Bottom Rock Bottom
Jump and climb your way up and out of the bottom pits.
Santa Runnn Santa Runnn
Guide Santa Claus across platforms by running, jumping and collecting stars.
Shadow of the Ninja Shadow of the Ninja
Sneak around, collect gemstones and avoid enemy guards as a female ninja.
Shadow of the Ninja 2 Shadow of the Ninja 2
Avoid detection as a stealthy ninja, rescue prisoners and collect gem stones.
Shadowscape Shadowscape
Cross platforms quickly in the shadows and increase your life meter.
ShatterBot ShatterBot
Use jetbots to fly across platforms and use the Ion Blaster or Pulse Gun to shatter obstacles
Splitman 2 Splitman 2
Run into razors and split in two and cross platforms to reach the exit.
Spongebob Gold Rush 3 Spongebob Gold Rush 3
Guide SpongeBob and Patrick to collect gold and reach the finish. SpongeBob shoots and Patrick collects coins.
Squario 2 Squario 2
Jump around platforms like Super Mario as a square trying to collect diamonds.
The Adventure of Super Mario Castle The Adventure of Super Mario Castle
Collect gold coins, jump across platforms and avoid enemies.
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