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New Games
Royal Guard
  Royal Guard Shoot em up     

Shoot your bow and arrows at evil creatures, before they eat you.

Johnny Bravo Beach Stunt
  Johnny Bravo Beach Stunt Racing     

Perform stunts on a motorbike as Johnny Bravo.

Deep Sleep
  Deep Sleep Point n Click     

Try to find objects to help you escape from a dream involving a dark place.

CG Mario
  CG Mario Mario     

Help Super Mario collect coins, eat mushrooms and flowers for power. Collec

Nightflies 2
  Nightflies 2 Physics     

Order the ladybug to remove obstacles in the way, so that the nightflies ca

  Sideomorph Puzzle     

You are stuck on the surface of a cube and must solve all 20 puzzles.

Dawn of the Sniper
  Dawn of the Sniper Zombies     

Protect humans and shoot zombies with a sniper rifle.

Sugar Sugar 3
  Sugar Sugar 3 Puzzle     

Draw lines and shapes to guide the sugar into the cups.

  Random Games
  BigHeads ShooterShoot em up     

Shoot balloons with big smiling heads inside! You can shoot basic balloon (1 point) or bonus ballons (5 points). You have 60 seconds to shoot as many bigheads as you can!

3D Ball Drop 3D Ball Drop
Tilt the table and roll the ball into the green square. If the ball drops into a hole you lose!
  Point n Click
Hidden Objects Extreme Messy Rooms Hidden Objects Extreme Messy Rooms
Find the hidden objects in several extreme messy rooms.
Candy Delivery Candy Delivery
Load up and haul Halloween candy in the back of a truck over tricky obstacles.
Sonic on Clouds Sonic on Clouds
Play in the clouds as Sonic. Collect medals and catch balloons to earn bonuses.
Toys Transporter 2 Toys Transporter 2
Load up and transport Christmas toys in the back of your truck without spilling any.
Ben 10 Revenge Ben 10 Revenge
Help Ben 10 shoot the enemy soldiers that have overtaken earth.
Thirty Thirty
Jump and outrun the old age of thirty in this fun platform game.
Truck Wars Truck Wars
Race a monster truck against other trucks and crush the competition literally.
Vampire Physics Vampire Physics
Transform humans into vampires by removing wood barriers and using physics.
Mario Mirror Adventure Mario Mirror Adventure
Guide Super Mario through a forest of mirrors.
Spongebob Waterbiker Spongebob Waterbiker
Drive a motorbike underwater as Spongebob Squarepants! Cruise along the sea bottom and perform tricks without crashing.
  Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Fierce Fighter Dragon Ball Fierce Fighter
Play as Goku and use hand to hand combat skills against Dragon Ball enemies.
Scaffolding Race Scaffolding Race
Race a quad motorbike over scaffolding, crates and barrels and collect gold stars.
New York Parking New York Parking
Try to park the car in a New York city lot without hitting other cars.
Naruto Motorbike Naruto Motorbike
Drive a motor bike, over challenging obstacles, dangerous hills and collect all scrolls that are in Naruto's path.
Cannon vs Zombies Cannon vs Zombies
Shoot a cannon at zombies in different configurations with different ammo.
Scoregamites Scoregamites
Welcome to the adventures of the scoregamites and their escape
40xEscape 40xEscape
Try to open a locked door forty different ways.
Weight Lifting Weight Lifting
This flash version of the popular sport weight lifting tests your mouse clicking strength.
Mads Libs Mads Libs
Type in the words to form funny and strange sentences.
  Shoot em up
Alien Invasion Alien Invasion
Use your movable cannon to fire missiles at invading UFOs move the cannon to move the guidance rocke
Drunk Mo Drunk Mo
Collect the beers scattered throughout the level and avoid certain dangers.
Pro Rally 2 Pro Rally 2
Enjoy this addicting racing game, sequel of Pro Rally 2009. You can find more cars to choose, more challenging tracks to drive and more realistic effects, similar to a real rally competition.
Puzzle Maniax Puzzle Maniax
In this game you can chose a bunch of different puzzles that you can put together.
  Beat em up
Spartacus First Blood Spartacus First Blood
You trained to be an insane and strong gladiator. Now go spill your opponents blood.
Billiards II Billiards II
Play 8-ball or straight pool against the computer or against a friend. Probably one of the most realistic and fun games you will play on the web.
BADCAR Racing 2000 BADCAR Racing 2000
This is a funny animation making fun of nascar. This is what might happen if Nascar had weapons?
Super Slash Ninja Super Slash Ninja
Ghouls and Ghosts meets Mario Bros! Reach the exit in this multilevel, Samurai-themed Platformer.
  Dress Up
Playground Slide Fun Playground Slide Fun
Nicole plans to have a one-day fun in the playground with her little pals. There are so many entertainments like the swings, roller coaster, sky wheel and merry-go-round, etc. But Nicole's favorite has always been the side. Please dress her up cute and nice. Then let's have fun with her on the slide!
Chudadi Beauties Chudadi Beauties
Play this Chinese card game against a group of Chinese beauties.
11 Faces 11 Faces
Dare to find 11 faces in this picture? Most people only spot 4 or 5. If you find eight or more you have an extraordinary sense of observation. If you find all eleven faces you are a genius!
Last Requests Last Requests
A dying scientist challenges you to answer some of lifes questions. It turns out almost everyone in town is an expert. Can you find the answers?
Scary Pictures Scary Pictures
Play on your phone or tablet in the dark and scare yourself.
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